One convenient contact.

Unlike larger employee leasing companies in Hawaii, we won’t hustle you off to one specialist after another depending on your needs. You’ll have one person who takes care of all your needs. That means one point of contact. Always. After 30 years as a professional employer organization, we’ve learned that this way of doing business works best. How do we know? Because our clients tell us.

Say sayonara to the IRS.

Unless you’re us, you’re not in business to push papers around. Yet each minute you’re handling payroll, health insurance, worker’s comp. or those lovable folks at the IRS is a minute away from building your business. As a payroll services Honolulu company, we take all that paperwork off your desk and put it on ours. We love paperwork. And we’re very, very, good at it.

Save time. Save money.

The money we can save you on CPAs, HR, insurance, plus health and workers comp. premiums could more than offset our fee. That's because we pool our clients together to negotiate you better deals! Besides, your time is money. We free you to use your time productively. Money well spent? Our clients think so. That's why they've trusted our payroll service Oahu company for so many years.